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Japan was continuously damaged. by the [act of aggression] and [distorted history], from S.Korea. I seek the truth, while tracking the anti-Japan of liar, expose the history distortion by anti-Japan. The South Korean government hides the truth of history. Korean school educates the history of the imitation. The Korean who criticized the imitation history by Korea was punished for a law of Korea. Therefore, Korea is a country with a great many falsehood and false evidence. Everyone, please do not be fooled into whether South Korea. Japanese language article: http://blog.livedoor.jp/yngvi_frey/  Yngvi Frey

【UNSANITARY KOREA】Poor hygiene and brutality of the High level. Cruel Koreans, eats after Ill-treatment to dogs and cats. Unhygienic Korea do human feces-urine diffusion. Summary of the Korean-history

  ※Viewer warning - This article contains shocking content. Please refrain from viewing of before eating.

South Korea of unsanitary condition - Korean Dog meat & Korean Cat meat

South Korean Edible dog & Edible cat is raised in a poor environment in very unsanitary. Are killed in a cruel way the "dog & cat" in South Korea (Burned alive. Steamed alive. Boiled alive Gun kill. Beat to death).

The place which has bred dog and cat as edible, is a horrible environment.
"The internal organs of the killed dog" is used as the food of another dog.
South Korea Food Culture, eat dogsSouth Korea Food Culture, eat dogs

The tendency that a current Korean hygiene idea is very low is caused by South Korea and a North Korean original property(Concealment of the true history, The terrible information control and speech blockade, Educate of forgery history).

Every countries learn more from the past and continue spinning the history through the history. The nation takes measures in reference to the knowledge that got from the history such as damage by the food situation and the environment.
But in the South Korean school, "Yi dynasty(李王朝) and old Korea noble(両班/Yangban) had abandoned a politics and forsook private citizen" does not teach that it was a severe state in old days.
Because South Korea continues concealing history, for it, does not carry out improvement in knowledge which utilized the history.

Hygienic conditions - True history of the Korean Peninsula - Digest

The custom of eating the meat of dog and cat was transmitted from ancient China. The "eating-dog-meat" food culture of Chinese history exists from a long long time ago, and the bone of the dog is excavated in large quantities from the "remains of Chinese Neolithic". (this is because people bred a dog for food in large quantities.)

In ancient times, Joseon Peninsula(旧朝鮮半島/Old Korea Peninsula) was a part of the Ancient China(古代中国), such on Han Dynasty(漢) etc. (Mongolian and Ancient Japan are temporarily reigning over the Joseon Peninsula in Ear on the overflowing of war.)

Ancient Joseon Peninsula, was dotted with small tribe and the fled people from Ancient China.

The beginning of civilization:Ancient Chinese people was maintain the law and technology on the Joseon, and was allowed to establish as mechanism of the towns.=Gija Joseon(箕子朝鮮),Wiman Joseon(衛氏朝鮮),Four Commanderies of Han(漢四郡)

There was a long time ago, Silla(新羅), Baekje(百済), Goguryeo(高句麗), Goryeo dynasty(高麗王朝), there is no connection between the gene of current Koreans. The current Korea race, starting from Joseon dynasty(李氏朝鮮).
 ※South Korea which does not know the history calls "Chosun age/era(朝鮮時代)" about Joseon dynasty era(李氏朝鮮時代/Li-regimed Korea Era). In addition, liar South Korea says "Chosun dynasty(朝鮮王朝)", about Yi Dynasty(李王朝).

Old Korea's Joseon dynasty did not take over the DNA and folk custom and cultural form etc. from the mainstream race of the ancient Korean Peninsula. Korea's Joseon dynasty did not do raising knowledge, a literacy person's existence is only 30 percent of peninsular population. The most them of 30 percent did not understand the Korean alphabet, the mainstream language was Chinese.

The Joseon Dynasty(李氏朝鮮/Old Korea) had donated many women to China while the Joseon Dynasty handling a private citizen as a slave, and plundering the food of private citizen. And, the Old Korean Royal Family(Yi Dynasty/李王朝/李氏朝鮮) and the aristocrat(両班/Yangban) of Joseon Dynasty were living by the "Bribe to Chinese" & "Rebate from Chinese".

After the Sino-Japanese War(日清戦争後). - Japan released Joseon(Old Korea/旧朝鮮), China promised to Japan about it that will stop the tribute act to vivid China in the Shimonoseki Treaty.


■Land environment situation

Although the ancient Chinese local administration mechanism "Four Commanderies of Han(漢四郡)" existed in the Joseon Peninsula from 107 B.C. to around 404 A.D., Four Commanderies of Han was rapidly reduced for cost reduction and the rest has been converted to Goguryeo.

Beyond the era - Hideyoshi Toyotomi(豊臣秀吉)
From April, 1592 A.D. to July, 1593 A.D. - After that, truce.
Rematch - From January, 1597 A.D. to December, 1598 A.D.
Also, for the reason of the withdrawal of the Japanese Hideyoshi Toyotomi forces from the Joseon Peninsula, ran out of funds during planting of the land development of the Joseon Peninsula. Although it was officially the cease-fire by the death of Hideyoshi, in actual, fact spent quite a budget on the attack to Ming-army(明-軍/China) and in addition the budget was actually used for peninsular land development too much.

The Ancient Joseon Peninsula, from movement of Ancient China can understand that a tendency of the civilization development was thin before A.D. Ancient China starting reclamation in earnest. There was not the superior building, and a Chinese made the Ancient town of the Ancient Joseon Peninsula. The Joseon land where has low productivity although Ancient China considerably spent a budget. Ancient China stopped expensive direct rule and let Ancient Joseon pay a tribute as a subordinate country.

The severity of the degree of roughness of the ancient land of the Joseon Peninsula... land pollution due to yellow sand is probably part of the cause. Crops and water, has been changed to poison many times by the poison of yellow sand.

Without also developing agriculture on late Joseon Dynasty, land was still dead. It is because Joseon peninsula people did not have technical progress in the Joseon Peninsula. Because Yi Dynasty and Yangban abandoned politics, the technology development was completely stagnated and lost its power.

Yi Dynasty of Joseon Dynasty Era survived until 1910 from the year 1392. them very very lazy dynasty... Yi Dynasty, abandoned the livelihood infrastructure of the civilian.

Reported by a French missionary lived in the Joseon Peninsula of Joseon Dynasty.

"The town is scattered garbage, and sewage overflow. Therefore it is very stinking. And, aristocrat also uncleanliness.
There is no better buildings.
Technology is primitive."

Before Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula.
The Joseon dynasty.

Image on the - "Seoul" before Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula. Image below - "Seoul" in the Japanese annexation Era.
Image on the‘Seoul’before Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula. Image below‘Seoul’in the Japanese annexation Era.

Before Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula. The Joseon dynasty
Before Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula. The Joseon dynastyBefore Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula. The Joseon dynastyBefore Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula. The Joseon dynasty
Before Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula. The Joseon dynastyBefore Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula. The Joseon dynasty
The Joseon dynasty. Chima jeogori(チマチョゴリ) & people of the Old Korean peninsula
The Joseon dynasty. People of the Old Korean peninsula
The Joseon dynasty. Chima jeogori & people of the Old Korean peninsulaThe Joseon dynasty. Chima jeogori & people of the Old Korean peninsulaThe Joseon dynasty. Chima jeogori & people of the Old Korean peninsula

Old Korea Aristocracy(Yangban) and Old Korea royalty(Joseon Dynasty).
Old Korea Aristocracy(Yangban) and Old Korea royalty(Joseon Dynasty)Old Korea Aristocracy(Yangban) and Old Korea royalty(Joseon Dynasty)


■Deep involvement in South Korea and human excreta

Further added, Joseon dynasty Medical technology, was determine the physical condition of human, by licking the human feces(嘗糞). Joseon dynasty Medical care was a very wild.(Before Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula/Until about 100 years ago.)

In addition, there is also a medicinal liquor called "Ttongsul(トンスル)", as good for health. [Ttongsul = stool liquor] is made soak feces of humans or dogs or chicken.

Although it seems that the Korean Peninsula was greatly utilizing excrement, it was ignorant to coliform bacillus, a parasite, etc., and its hygienic concept was underdeveloped.
Put a feces of dog baked or a human feces to liquor...drink it...

In addition, in Joseon dynasty Era because it was used as a [Therapeutic medication = human feces], depending on the symptoms of the disease, is likely to make eat many of human feces as it is to the sick person...
And In the Joseon Peninsula, there was a custom which gives feed human feces to a breeding of an edible dog.
In Korea, [licking the human feces(嘗糞)] & [Ttongsul(トンスル) = feces liquor(うんこ酒)]
In Korea,‘Health diagnosis - licking human feces’, it introduced from ancient ChinaIn Korea, "Health diagnosis - licking human feces(嘗糞)", it introduced from ancient China

In Korea, licking the human feces(嘗糞) and Ttongsul(トンスル・feces liquor・うんこ酒In Korea, licking the human feces(嘗糞) and Ttongsul(トンスル・feces liquor・うんこ酒
In Korea, licking the human feces(嘗糞) and Ttongsul(トンスル・feces liquor・うんこ酒In Korea, licking the human feces(嘗糞) and Ttongsul(トンスル・feces liquor・うんこ酒


■Attitude of modern South Korea

In modern S-Korea(South Korea) also, country is covered with human feces urine in the state that knowledge such as Escherichia coli etc. is lacking. The contamination issue of S-Korea by human's feces-urine diffusion is serious.

If a country is awfully poor the similarly as Old Korean Peninsula, and the government is terribly inhumane like "Yi dynasty of Joseon & Joseon Yangban" and people are hungry... To eat wild dogs and feral cats it can't be helped. And also, it is unavoidable that is insanitary that the country where is in such a state is covered with Escherichia coli and is the extreme.
But, now current interacts with various countries, progress has been made in the medical and food. .... Such era, what do you think how giving and murdering pain intentionally to a dog or a cat specially?
S-Korea's attitude and hygiene management is too sloppy, it don't think civilized nation.

"The country which loves a dog and a cat very much" and "many countries which treat a dog and a cat carefully like a family". In recent years, S-Korea got to know it by communication with a foreign country. But, S-Koreans are trying to promote Dog meat & Cat meat, for the people of the country which loves a dog and a cat. The incident which camouflaged Dog meat/Cat meat and exporting to the foreign country is also too irrational.

In Korea, are abnormally much impersonation and lying, forgery, false evidence, perjury exist, and these are big problems.

For example, "Korean Kimchi". In fact ...
Evils of excessive use capsaicin.
 ・Easy to damage the stomach
 ・Easy to give trouble to the brain
 ・To promote cancer

※Reported from South Korea - Very high incidence of gastric and intestinal cancer in ROK(Republic of Korea), and, in ROK, people suffering from mental disease is the fact that 70% of the population.

The problem of Korean kimchi not only is ingredient. As the other problem, Korean kimchi's that extremely unhygienic food.

Korean kimchi is a very harmful, and dangerous health hazard food. However, S-Korea has large promote a lie to say that is "health food Korean Kimchi".

South Korea is sanitation concept scarcity, It's the problem also big

South Korea has quite a few unhygienic cases. remain maintain the "disease or E. coli or parasite or roundworm of the animals and plants" in South Korea, it is processed into the food for human.

Roundworm of the dog or cat in Korean kimchi.
Parasite in Korean kimchi.
A lot Escherichia coli in Korean kimchi.
A lot Escherichia coli in Korean seafood.
Escherichia coli of large amount in alcohol liquor(Makgeolli/マッコリ).
Food poisoning bacteria & E. coli of more than the reference value. = Korean Cold Noodles and Korean Kongukusu(cold noodles of soy milk), Korean sushi, Korean rolled sushi, Korean bento.
Escherichia coli from drinking water.
Dog meat soup made with rabid dogs.

In S-Korea(South Korea), the roundworm of a dog and the cat is mixed with cooked kimchi frequently. Thought that it is a S-Korean cause to sow the feces of a dog and the cat in the farmland, however S-Korea does not consider that a dog and the cat maintain many intestinal parasites.
Korean kimchi is a mixture of roundworms in dogs and cats
Korean kimchi is a mixture of roundworms in dogs and catsKorean kimchi is a mixture of roundworms in dogs and cats


The ROK(Republic of Korea) government orders - the anthelmintic administration duty of national people. When "Anthelmintic duty" is necessary, ROK government should notice the position in inferior hygiene of S-Korea.
However, the use of the S-Korean budget strange.

In ROK, the purpose organization of "propaganda & spreading of S-KOREA to the World" exists it. They organization are engaged in the imitative deception and false evidence and them compulsion propulsion force while instigating Korean people.
"・Phony History of made in delusion by S-Korea,
・S-Korean Culture,
・S-Korean Products,
・S-Korean Food,
・S-Korean Entertainment,"
forcibly forced these, also to foreign countries.

S-Korea does not keep the improvement in a product in mind and does not respect the history and culture of a foreign country. Always Stupid liar Korea are forcing the defective unit and fake history of its own country to the others.

For the History Distortion and Concealment, S-Korea has spent a large amount of budget. "Korean wave(Hallyu/韓流) and K-food and K-POP, In the world does not have demand", But the S-Korea, forcibly the Hallyu/K-food/KPOP to push into buck to the world. Therefore, S-Korea has spent a large amount of budget.
Due to these, S-Korea has huge deficits. It is foolish.

Same as uncivilized country Joseon Dynasty Era of old, North-South Korea is not focused on Livelihood infrastructure of civilian.
S-Korea does not pay one's respects to the ingredients.
S-Korea do not care also to human's food.

Vegetables, fruit, grain, meat, and a fish are eaten... We the human beings obtain various "life of existence" and are alive.

We must possess the mind of gratitude to given various "life of the organism", and, the civilized person must not forget to place importance on foodstuff.

South Korean eat dogs. Handling of the dog by the Republic of Korea
South Korean eat dogs. Handling of the dog by the Republic of KoreaSouth Korean eat dogs. Handling of the dog by the Republic of Korea
South Korean eat dogs. Handling of the dog by the Republic of Korea
South Korean eat dogs. Handling of the dog by the Republic of KoreaSouth Korean eat dogs. Handling of the dog by the Republic of Korea
South Korean eat dogs. Handling of the dog by the Republic of Korea

Opposite the dog meat festival
South Korean eat dogs. Handling of the dog by the Republic of KoreaSouth Korean eat dogs. Handling of the dog by the Republic of Korea

South Korean eat cats. Handling of the cat by the Republic of Korea
South Korean eat cats. Handling of the cat by the Republic of Korea

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国際動物保護団体「韓国は犬肉や猫肉を食べるのやめろ」 韓国人「何で?お前ら豚や鳥を食べないの?」


竹筒に入れた糞尿を発射する「糞砲」 人糞を濾して1年掛けて腐らせた「金汁」 韓国の伝統的兵器



日帝時代は幸せだった 朝鮮歴史館


【韓流】韓国グルメ紹介 韓国食品の代表格は韓国産キムチ。韓国の衛生管理の凄さ【大韓民国】

South Korea is very unsanitary. Korean food is full of harmful food!

不衛生韓国 - 延々と続く農心の有害食品(今度は発がん性食品ノグリラーメン)。何度も繰り返し毒物を流出させるのは悪質極まりなく、バイオテロ相当 - 韓国食品

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South Korea eat Dog
South Korea eat dog

Anti-Japan cult-national = Rotten South Korea documentation/Inhumane South Korean/
South Korea documentation/Correct history of the Korean Peninsula/
Anti-Japan cult-national = Rotten South Korea/非衛生韓国情報/
Anti-Japan cult-national = Rotten South Korea/朝鮮半島の歴史/

Territorial Disputes Involving Japan. Cause of dispute about the Takeshima = [Terrorism/lie/Delusion by South Korea.] Actually, "Dokdo is Korean land" are fiction story fabricated by the ROK. Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is Japan territory on actual facts

Japan is respect the historical truth.
Japan to respect the rules.

S-Korea(South Korea) full of falsehoods tends to carry out history distortion violently, tends to force “East Sea”, and tends to erase the name of the “Sea of Japan”.
dokdo name's a criminal symbol. Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is a territory of Japan. Korean gov conceals the history, and deceiving all.

In Takeshima's position, "name of Dokdo" does not exist in an old map.(although South Koreans are doing forgery and perjury desperately).

Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) in which S-Korea carries out illegal occupation is not Dokdo which Korea required. Differ in a position.
"Korean Geography" in 1889, Old Korea said the location of Dokdo(Old Usando) "areas of the Daehan Empire - 42'25N-33'15N, 130'35E-124'30E".

But, Liancourt Rocks(Takeshima) is 37'14N, 131'52E.

Place dokdo. All Korean maps show "Usando(old name of Dokdo which Korean say)" is 2km from Ulleungdo. but "Liancourt Rocks(Takeshima)" is 92km away.

Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) at a place distant from "S-Korean territory Dokdo(Usando)." But, During discussions about the San Francisco Peace Treaty... S-Korea began to insist "Takeshima = Dokdo on S-Korea", and carried out the return request.
In addition to this, S-Korea, demanded return of the "fictitious island(波浪島/Parangdo or Ieodo)" which doesn't exist on the earth. "Usando(dokdo)"&"fictitious island." Naturally, since S-Korea didn't have proof, these were excepted in the Treaty of San Francisco.
Dokdo(Usando) & fictitious island. Naturally, since S-Korea didn't have proof, these were excepted in the Treaty of San Francisco.

《Rusk note of 1951 (ラスク書簡)》 Official document text 公文書原文
Rusk note of 1951 Official document, is The reply by the American government to a request in the San Francisco Peace Treaty draft of South Korea as of August 10, 1951.
"South Korea is continuing illegal occupation Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) of Japan." American Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II sent Official telegram, in April 1960.
Also in 1960, the USA has made the advice to South Korea.

Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) hasn't been a S-Korean territory from ancient times. Claim of "Dokdo & East Sea" is aggression act of S-Korea. Dokdo Advocacy is proof of terrorist.

September 29, 1904. The sea lion fishery petition by Liancourt Rocks.

Dokdo-or-Takeshima?: 1904 Sep 29 - Nakai Yozaburo (中井養三) Petition to Incorporate Ryanko-to (Liancourt Rocks)

History - Takeshima / Seokdo in Imperial Edict 41 is not "Dokdo". http://youtu.be/-iB0G5D-MOw

Territorial Problems (1): Takeshima | Le vrai Japon. History of Takeshima

Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) illegal occupation, is terrorism of S-Korea which carried out unjust invasion, and slaughter of Japanese people by S-Korea, it cruel criminal act of S-Korea which disregarded international rules.

Truth of dokdo = Dokdo name is symbol of S-Korean crime. Fact truth is Japanese territory "Takeshima". S-Korea of the terrorist nation is overflowing with lie. S-Korea ignores truth and fact.
http://p.twipple.jp/sLw0U This island isn't Korean land. Historically and international law are also Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) of a Japanese territory.

 ■From A.D. 1952 to 1965. Crime of South Korea.
S-Korea is a international-rules disregard.
Terrorism(dokdo) from S-Korea to Japan, is crime of Felony offenses(李承晩) which performed Korean massacre. http://bit.ly/JsM48q

※Korea's enforcement of illegal Syngman Rhee Line and Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) illegal occupation.

●Syngman Rhee(李承晩)
Syngman Rhee is the downfall Yangban(両班) lineage.
The S-Korea representative of the U.S. occupation time after the Japanese army withdrawal by Japanese defeat. Felonious offenses which repeated the massacre in S-Korea.
S-Korea has succeed to the heart of barbarous Yangban more than N-Korea.
The Japan's Annexation of Korea age, Syngman Rhee lived in the U.S., And although he returned temporarily to Korea, it returns to the U.S. immediately. Syngman Rhee returns to Korea after Japanese defeat, and becomes a representative of S-Korea under the U.S. occupation. (N-Korea is Kim Il-sung(金日成) under the Soviet Union occupation).

After Syngman Rhee repeated the massacre in S-Korea(http://bit.ly/JsM48q), his atrocity spread abroad to Japan.

Annals of crime of dokdo.
S-Korea which disregarded the international provision. Syngman Rhee Line(李承晩ライン) enacted unilaterally, the Japan area has been infringed.
Until abolished "Illegal Syngman Rhee Line". -- Japanese 3929 people were detained and became hostage(The hostage's Japanese people was confined in South Korea for about ten years or more), and 44 people slaughtered. Moreover, 328 Japanese ships were seized unfairly. Japanese 44 persons, Execution by gun shooting or die by drowning.

The international terrorist offense of Syngman Rhee who slaughtered Japanese people.
Syngman Rhee who repeated the slaughter did, the plan of the Japanese slaughter trick further after that.(A.D.1960). Finally Syngman Rhee's slaughter plan ends in A.D.1960 in failure. And he fled to Hawaii.

S-Korea should stop "fact distortion / Perjury" and "History forgery", and "Territory infringement".
In fact, Liancourt Rocks(Takeshima) isn't Korean Island. Dokdo name propulsion is proof of terrorist, and Dokdo advocacy is supporter of terrorism.

International terrorism nation S-Korea disregarded international rules, and has changed the name of a Japanese“Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks)”with“Dokdo”without permission.
Similarly, S-Korea of international terrorism nation has been continue to ignore the world history. And S-Korea tends to carry out history distortion violently, tends to force “East Sea”, and tends to erase the name of the “Sea of Japan”.

Japan's Inalterable Position on the Sovereignty of Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks).
1.In the light of historical facts and based upon international law, it is apparent that Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is an inherent part of the territory of Japan.
2.The occupation of Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) by the Republic of Korea is an illegal occupation undertaken on absolutely no basis in international law. Any measures taken with regard to Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) by the Republic of Korea based on such an illegal occupation have no legal justification.
(Note: The Republic of Korea has yet to demonstrate a clear basis for its claims that, prior to Japan's effective control over Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) and establishment of sovereignty, the Republic of Korea had previously demonstrated effective control over Takeshima.)


Takeshima is Japanese territory


"South Korea is continuing illegal occupation Takeshima of Japan." American Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II sent Official telegram, in April 1960.

The Liancourt Rocks is the Takeshima of Japan. This island is not a Dokdo of "Korea claim".
Takeshima is Japanese territory. Is not a South Korean island.

On 27th April, 1960, American Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II sent telegram to J. Graham Parsons, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, in Washington, and in it, he says that “Therefore we should also press new ROK regime to return Takeshima to Japan.” We already knew that U.S. warned ROK that Takeshima is Japanese island in both 1951 and 1952.


Rptd info:
Amembassy SEOUL 351

Reported information :

For Assistant Secretary Parsons from MacArthur.
Seoul for Ambassador McConaughy.

Now that we have prospect of new and democratic regime in Korea I strongly recommend that as soon as possible we seize opportunity to try to bring about durable solution to Korea - Japan dispute.
As long as Rhee held power there seemed little chance of any solution but now we have entirely new situation which could lead to liquidation of Korea - Japan controversy. Implications of Korea-Japan are not just bilateral between government of Japan and Korea but deeply and directly involve US and our inescapable responsibilities in Northeast Asia.

As practical matter if reasonable solution is to be found it will be produced only by our good offices and working closely with both Korea and Government of Japan. It is of utmost importance that we identify and be prepared to move swiftly for solution those specific Korea-government of Japan problems which prevent progress toward basic settlement this festering dispute. We do not know what response Communists may make to new Korea regime and it is vital we try to put Korea-Government of Japan house in order as soon as possible.

While Rhee regime violated most basic tenets of democracy in authoritarian police rule imposed on Korean people, it has also in past done violence to most fundamental principles of international conduct and morality by committing acts of piracy on high seas around Rhee Line and then imprisoning and holding as political hostage Japanese fishermen and by seizing and holding non-Korean territory by force.

The uncivilized practice of hostage diplomacy is one of our serious charge against Communist China and if continued by Korea it will be a great liability to a new democratic Korea regime.

I therefore recommend strongly that as soon as new regime is in control in Korea (whether or not it be of interim character) we use all our influence to persuade it (1) to release and return to Japan all repeat all Japanese fishermen hostage (including those who have not completed their sentences) who have suffered so cruelly from Rhee's uncivilized and oppressive acts and (2) to cease practice of seizing Japanese fishing vessels on high seas. This would not only rid new Korea regime of liability of practicing hostage diplomacy but also more than anything else would lay foundation in Japan for really fruitful negotiations.
At same time I would be prepared to press Kishi and government of Japan most strongly that in return for repatriation of all fishermen, Japanese would exercise self-restraint in their fishing operations in Korean Straits until reasonable opportunity had been given for negotiation of mutually agreed Korea - Japan fishing conservation agreement.

In addition to seizing Japanese boats in high seas and practicing hostage diplomacy, Rhee regime also seized by force and is holding illegally Takeshima Island which as always been considered as Japanese territory.
This is very serious and permanent irritant in Japan-Korea relations and there can be no over-all Korea-Japan settlement until this island is returned to Japan. Therefore we should also press new Korea regime to return Takeshima to Japan.

If it is unwilling to do so pending satisfactory conclusion of over-call Korea-Japan negotiations, new regime should at least signify a willingness to withdraw from as part of mutually satisfactory settlement of other outstanding issues between two countries.

While we should press strongly for return of Takeshima to Japan, if by any chance new regime were unwilling to do so we should, as very minimum, insist that they agree to submit matter to International Court of Justice(ICJ) for arbitration.

Finally, we should inform new regime very clearly that it must be prepared to adjust its relations with Japan on terms of reciprocity, in such matters as diplomatic missions, visits by businessmen and journalists, commercial trade. Japanese have suffered Rhee's occupation-minded approach for eight years and will be unwilling to accept such indefensible treatment from his successor.
In its own interests, new regime should start with conformity with normal International standards of conduct, and could most usefully begin (in terms of Japanese and other free world opinion) by permitting Japanese diplomatic mission to enter and function in Korea on same terms Korea Embassy operates here.

If we now move swiftly with new Korea regime which should generally be receptive to our views because of our helpfulness, we may have initial opportunity, which may never reoccur, to influence its position on Japan-Korea problem. Japanese would certainly welcome warmly and reciprocate fully, measures indicating new Korea regime willing take "new look" at Japan.

D MacAuthur:mek POL:WHGleysteem DCMWmLeonhart

 Text: by Photo of classification Official file.
Original documents are from Photo http://www.nikaidou.com/archives/28275

Douglas MacArthur II is a nephew of General MacArthur and an American diplomat. He served as U.S. ambassador to Japan from 1957 to 1961.



 U.S. official documents pertaining to "Takeshima in Japan".
■《Rusk note of 1951 (ラスク書簡)》 Official document text 公文書原文

Even now, Korea is still the international terrorism nation.

 Japanese translation of the original:


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