Japan is respect the historical truth.
Japan to respect the rules.

S-Korea(South Korea) full of falsehoods tends to carry out history distortion violently, tends to force “East Sea”, and tends to erase the name of the “Sea of Japan”.
dokdo name's a criminal symbol. Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is a territory of Japan. Korean gov conceals the history, and deceiving all.

In Takeshima's position, "name of Dokdo" does not exist in an old map.(although South Koreans are doing forgery and perjury desperately).

Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) in which S-Korea carries out illegal occupation is not Dokdo which Korea required. Differ in a position.
"Korean Geography" in 1889, Old Korea said the location of Dokdo(Old Usando) "areas of the Daehan Empire - 42'25N-33'15N, 130'35E-124'30E".

But, Liancourt Rocks(Takeshima) is 37'14N, 131'52E.

Place dokdo. All Korean maps show "Usando(old name of Dokdo which Korean say)" is 2km from Ulleungdo. but "Liancourt Rocks(Takeshima)" is 92km away.

Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) at a place distant from "S-Korean territory Dokdo(Usando)." But, During discussions about the San Francisco Peace Treaty... S-Korea began to insist "Takeshima = Dokdo on S-Korea", and carried out the return request.
In addition to this, S-Korea, demanded return of the "fictitious island(波浪島/Parangdo or Ieodo)" which doesn't exist on the earth. "Usando(dokdo)"&"fictitious island." Naturally, since S-Korea didn't have proof, these were excepted in the Treaty of San Francisco.
Dokdo(Usando) & fictitious island. Naturally, since S-Korea didn't have proof, these were excepted in the Treaty of San Francisco.

《Rusk note of 1951 (ラスク書簡)》 Official document text 公文書原文
Rusk note of 1951 Official document, is The reply by the American government to a request in the San Francisco Peace Treaty draft of South Korea as of August 10, 1951.
"South Korea is continuing illegal occupation Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) of Japan." American Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II sent Official telegram, in April 1960.
Also in 1960, the USA has made the advice to South Korea.

Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) hasn't been a S-Korean territory from ancient times. Claim of "Dokdo & East Sea" is aggression act of S-Korea. Dokdo Advocacy is proof of terrorist.

September 29, 1904. The sea lion fishery petition by Liancourt Rocks.

Dokdo-or-Takeshima?: 1904 Sep 29 - Nakai Yozaburo (中井養三) Petition to Incorporate Ryanko-to (Liancourt Rocks)

History - Takeshima / Seokdo in Imperial Edict 41 is not "Dokdo". http://youtu.be/-iB0G5D-MOw

Territorial Problems (1): Takeshima | Le vrai Japon. History of Takeshima

Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) illegal occupation, is terrorism of S-Korea which carried out unjust invasion, and slaughter of Japanese people by S-Korea, it cruel criminal act of S-Korea which disregarded international rules.

Truth of dokdo = Dokdo name is symbol of S-Korean crime. Fact truth is Japanese territory "Takeshima". S-Korea of the terrorist nation is overflowing with lie. S-Korea ignores truth and fact.
http://p.twipple.jp/sLw0U This island isn't Korean land. Historically and international law are also Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) of a Japanese territory.

 ■From A.D. 1952 to 1965. Crime of South Korea.
S-Korea is a international-rules disregard.
Terrorism(dokdo) from S-Korea to Japan, is crime of Felony offenses(李承晩) which performed Korean massacre. http://bit.ly/JsM48q

※Korea's enforcement of illegal Syngman Rhee Line and Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) illegal occupation.

●Syngman Rhee(李承晩)
Syngman Rhee is the downfall Yangban(両班) lineage.
The S-Korea representative of the U.S. occupation time after the Japanese army withdrawal by Japanese defeat. Felonious offenses which repeated the massacre in S-Korea.
S-Korea has succeed to the heart of barbarous Yangban more than N-Korea.
The Japan's Annexation of Korea age, Syngman Rhee lived in the U.S., And although he returned temporarily to Korea, it returns to the U.S. immediately. Syngman Rhee returns to Korea after Japanese defeat, and becomes a representative of S-Korea under the U.S. occupation. (N-Korea is Kim Il-sung(金日成) under the Soviet Union occupation).

After Syngman Rhee repeated the massacre in S-Korea(http://bit.ly/JsM48q), his atrocity spread abroad to Japan.

Annals of crime of dokdo.
S-Korea which disregarded the international provision. Syngman Rhee Line(李承晩ライン) enacted unilaterally, the Japan area has been infringed.
Until abolished "Illegal Syngman Rhee Line". -- Japanese 3929 people were detained and became hostage(The hostage's Japanese people was confined in South Korea for about ten years or more), and 44 people slaughtered. Moreover, 328 Japanese ships were seized unfairly. Japanese 44 persons, Execution by gun shooting or die by drowning.

The international terrorist offense of Syngman Rhee who slaughtered Japanese people.
Syngman Rhee who repeated the slaughter did, the plan of the Japanese slaughter trick further after that.(A.D.1960). Finally Syngman Rhee's slaughter plan ends in A.D.1960 in failure. And he fled to Hawaii.

S-Korea should stop "fact distortion / Perjury" and "History forgery", and "Territory infringement".
In fact, Liancourt Rocks(Takeshima) isn't Korean Island. Dokdo name propulsion is proof of terrorist, and Dokdo advocacy is supporter of terrorism.

International terrorism nation S-Korea disregarded international rules, and has changed the name of a Japanese“Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks)”with“Dokdo”without permission.
Similarly, S-Korea of international terrorism nation has been continue to ignore the world history. And S-Korea tends to carry out history distortion violently, tends to force “East Sea”, and tends to erase the name of the “Sea of Japan”.

Japan's Inalterable Position on the Sovereignty of Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks).
1.In the light of historical facts and based upon international law, it is apparent that Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is an inherent part of the territory of Japan.
2.The occupation of Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) by the Republic of Korea is an illegal occupation undertaken on absolutely no basis in international law. Any measures taken with regard to Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) by the Republic of Korea based on such an illegal occupation have no legal justification.
(Note: The Republic of Korea has yet to demonstrate a clear basis for its claims that, prior to Japan's effective control over Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) and establishment of sovereignty, the Republic of Korea had previously demonstrated effective control over Takeshima.)


Takeshima is Japanese territory

dokdo name's a criminal symbol. Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is a territory of Japan. S-Korean(South Korean) gov conceals the history, and deceiving all. By the Republic of Korea is horrendously distorted history, S-Korea(South Korea) is full of lies and delusion.

Koreans say, "Takeshima in Japan is Korean territory".
Koreans say, "Tsushima in Japan is Korean territory".
Koreans say, "Tokyo in Japan is Korean territory".
Koreans say, "United States of America(USA) is Korean territory".
Koreans say, "Sea Of Japan is East Sea".

Sea Of Japan and Takeshima is real truth. "Takeshima is Japan" "Tsushima is Japan" "Tokyo is Japan" "Sea of Japan" and "America is USA" is truth.
※ "Dokdo-Korea" "Tsushima is Korea" "Tokyo is Korea" "East Sea" and "America is Korea", these are all forgery and lies.※

South Korea's claim, very similar to the North Korean government to distort the information abnormally. S-Korean(South Korean) who is full of lies and slanders. S-Korea is full of perjury. S-Korean school teaches the Fake history and brainwashes it.

S-Korea has hides the history of "Joseon Dynasty(李氏朝鮮)" , and also hides the history of the era "Japan's Annexation of Korea Peninsula(日韓併合時代)".

Korea under Japanese rule Before After - YouTube

And since the history of the S-Korean massacre was also concealed, S-Koreans did not know well that many S-Korean ancestors were murdered heartlessly.

[True Korea history.] Japan surrenders to the Allies. -- Korea of afterward. Korean Peninsula north-south division. The storm of a slaughter, mass murder.

Speech blockade and information control violent of North-South Korea, is problematical greatly from the standpoint of international. S-Korea full of falsehoods tends to carry out history distortion violently, tends to force “East Sea”, and tends to erase the name of the “Sea of Japan”.

Joseon Dynasty...World War II(WW2)...Genocide...dokdo... South Korea, lie & slanders overflowed. S-Korea is full of perjury. Korean school teaches fiction history.
The Autocratic brainwashing education of S-Korea, adversely affects S-Korean children?

Joseon Dynasty(李氏朝鮮), "Yi dynasty(李王朝) feature is paralysis", "Infrastructure neglect", "robbery food by Yangban(両班)", "Letting die without helping people of the food shortage = A starvation more than tens of thousands"... Many Koreans do not know the history of these truths. "Joseon dynasty was primitive," it also, many Korean people do not know.
And since the history of the S-Korean massacre by Syngman Rhee, was also concealed, S-Koreans did not know well that many S-Korean ancestors were murdered heartlessly.

Although many illegal entrants who have escaped from the S-Korean massacre by Syngman Rhee, are in Japan, S-Korea accepts and refuses forced repatriation of an illegal entrant. Japan takes care of a lot of unavoidable illegal entrants, and many Korean residents in Japan reside.

Although it is that many countries recognize, Japan is a defeated nation of WW2, Japan is doing military power abandonment since then, and Japan has contributed internationally, respecting an international rule.
One-sided establishment of the territorial-waters line which disregarded international rules.
Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) illegal occupation, and Japanese people slaughter, is terrorism of S-Korea. If you admit these illegal acts of S-Korea, you will be "OK altogether" also in the attack by a barbarous pirate, and a terrorist's destructive attack.

Republic of Korea is a international terrorism nation continuing the Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) illegality occupation. Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is a territory of Japan.

Dokdo Island not Belongs to Korean Territory.
As historically and also legal, Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) is a Japanese territory. The terrorism by S-Korea does not allow absolutely.

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The Issue of Takeshima. Treatment of Takeshima in the San Francisco Peace Treaty.

Outline of Takeshima Issue

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1954 - "Report of the Van Fleet Mission to the Far East"

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-Takeshima is Japanese Territory-

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Korean crime. [Continued illegal occupation of Japanese territory Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks).] Korea is running away many times from ICJ.