[Crime of Korean]"Your husband is the SATAN" "Call me GOD." A neighbor is murdered with a sharp long edged tool(Samurai-sword) by South Koreans' Young Choi of a psychiatric disorder.

South Koreans' crime

Crime time:
June 19, 2014 Around 4:50 p.m.

Young Choi(a South Korean male), 29

Young Choi, has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the attack that killed Mr. Dustin Vanderheyden by a sharp long edged tool.

The result of investigation of the police:
suspect Young Choi calls himself "GOD".
Suspect Young Choi had said to victims' wife, "your husband is the SATAN" and "The whole creation wishes 'wants me to kill him'".

[USA Hankook Ilbo] A psychiatric disorder South Korean, neighbor murder by edged tool.

2014-06-21 Hankook Ilbo

The South Korean man of twenties by whom a psychiatric disorder is suspected, he was arrested on the suspicion which stabbed the residents of the neighboring house with the long samurai edged tool and murdered them cruelly.

Choi(29) who lives in Watertown in Wisconsin according to the information from the Wisconsin criminal investigation...

With the sword, Choi resisted the mobilized police and he was arrested.
Results of an investigation of the police. Choi calls himself "God", and, had said to victims' wife, "your husband is the Satan, The whole creation wishes me to kill him."

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'Call me God': Man 'partially scalped and stabbed to death' by Samurai sword-wielding man who wanted to steal his wife

21 June 2014 The Daily Mail

Young Choi, 29, was arrested and charged with first-degree homicide in the death if his neighbor
●Dustin Vanderheyden, 27, died of multiple stab wounds Thursday
●He was allegedly partially scalped and stabbed by Choi with a Samurai sword at the boarding house where they live
In the days leading up to the attack, Choi had told Vanderheyden's wife that he was going to kill Vanderheyden so they could be together
●She told police that she had convinced him otherwise and didn't think he was a danger
●He had also been making statements about being God and told police to call him 'God'
●Another man was injured trying to stop Choi

By Alex Greig
Published: 14:08 GMT, 21 June 2014 | Updated: 14:44 GMT, 21 June 2014

A Wisconsin man has allegedly attacked two people with a Samurai sword in the boarding house-style building where they all lived, partially scalping and killing one of them.
Young Choi, 29, has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the attack that killed Dustin Vanderheyden, 27, and wounded David Gerard, 24.
The attack happened outside an apartment above Yanger's Bar on North 4th Street in Watertown on Thursday around 5pm.

Sword attack: South Korean Young Choi, 29, allegedly killed Dustin Vanderheyden, 27, and injured another man in a frenzied attack at the boarding house where they liveSword attack: Young Choi, 29, allegedly killed Dustin Vanderheyden, 27, and injured another man in a frenzied attack at the boarding house where they live

Vanderheyden was stabbed multiple times and Gerard was injured in the incident, which ended in a stand-off between Watertown police and Choi, who finally surrendered after police brought in a negotiator.
According to the Journal-Sentinel, Choi had told Vanderheyden's wife in the days preceding the attack that he was going to kill Vanderheyden so that he could have her for himself.
The woman told police that she persuaded Choi that the pair couldn't be together and that she didn't think he was any danger.
Court documents state that Choi had made 'bizarre statements all week long about being God,' and upon his arrest told police that officers could call him 'God.'

Violent end: Vanderheyden died of his injuries in hospital after being stabbed multiple times in the abdomen.
Envy: Court documents state that Choi had tried to convince Vanderheyden's wife to leave him to be with Choi.

An hour before the attack, a third resident from the building heard hysterical yelling, reports Channel 3000, and found Vanderheyden in Choi's apartment.
He told police that Vanderheyden told him he had 'saved him,' and that Choi was 'crazy.'
During the attack, Gerard, a tenant on the first floor of the building, heard Vanderheyden screaming for help and went upstairs to investigate.
He thought Choi was hitting Vanderheyden with a stick, but realized it was a Samurai sword when he reached out to grab it, suffering lacerations to his hand and thumb.
There was hair and blood on the floors and walls, and Choi was repeatedly asking Vanderheyden, 'Who's God?'

Neighbor's quarrel: The attack occurred at the boarding house accommodation above Yanger's Pub, where Choi, Vanderheyden and his wife lived.
Injured: Gerard received four stitches in his hand after trying to grab Choi's sword from him.
Police found Choi on the top of a stairwell leading to the second floor. Officers negotiated with the man and he eventually surrendered.
Vanderheyden was found with several stab wounds on the second floor. He was rushed to Watertown Regional Medical Center and went in to surgery but died of his injuries.
Choi was calm when police took him into custody.
When he was questioned, he said, 'What do you want me to tell you? Want me to say I feel bad about it? Are you checking my humanistic nature? Checking all my psychological bounds? Or am I just a ruthless killer?' according to court documents.
Two other swords were found in Choi's apartment in the boarding house.
Gerard received stitches for his injuries in hospital and was released. He told WISN that he's upset no one else went to help Vanderheyden during the attack.
'I mean, there's a bunch of people living in a small space and the guy was screaming,' he said.

'In hindsight, I know I did everything I could in the situation but now that (Vanderheyden) died, I'm second-guessing things with myself.'

The Daily Mail


Wisconsin man dies after crazed sword attack at apartment
Police arrested Young J. Choi, 29, on Thursday night for the death of Dustin Vanderheyden, 27, at a Watertown boarding house. He died during surgery after he was maimed with a sword.

BY Nicole Hensley,
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 7:29 PM

WATERTOWN PD Police arrested Young J. Choi in charges related to the stabbing death of his neighbor during a crazed rant about evil and God.

A week-long rant on aliens, God and evil ended with a Wisconsin man stabbing his neighbor to death over the man’s wife, police say.

Officers took Young J. Choi, 29, into custody on Thursday night after he allegedly killed a neighbor with a long, decorative sword and zealously told people to call him God, according to a Watertown police report.

Choi is charged with homicide in the death of his neighbor, Dustin Vanderheyden, 27, during bloody assault at their boarding house over a bar.

The criminal complaint details how a brave neighbor tried to stop Choi from attacking Vanderheyden. David Gerard, 24, tried to grab the sword with his bare hand, but he didn’t realize it was a sharp weapon. He had cuts and lacerations to his hand.

Vanderheyden helped his neighbors evade the crazed and violent outburst, but he was seriously injured in the attack and died during surgery. He had stabbing injuries all over his body and an avulsion to his head, court documents show.

There was blood and hair everywhere,” neighbor Eric Pann told dispatchers during the 911 call.

Pann hid in a bathroom as Vanderheyden repeatedly screamed: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Choi then barged in on the hiding spot and declared he stabbed Vanderheyden as he washed the blood off the weapon, the police report said.
DusanVulic The suspect allegedly used a long, decorative sword such as a samurai-styled weapon in the stabbing of Dustin Vanderheyden in Watertown, Wisconsin.

The neighbors later saw Vanderheyden crawl away from the assault, leaving a trail of blood. The violence may have stemmed from a conversation earlier that week when Choi asked Vanderheyden’s wife to leave him because he was evil, but she refused.

She convinced Choi not to confront Vanderheyden and believed he was fine at the time.

He continued to rant about his evil neighbors and other supernatural forces, but neighbors assumed he was drunk, according to the Journal Sentinel newspaper.

When medics rolled Vanderheyden out of the apartment complex on a gurney, he grabbed his wife’s hand and told her it would be okay, the newspaper reported.

His interview with police took a twisted turn when he called his actions “fate and destiny” and the universe was to blame for Vanderheyden’s death. Choi believed the officers were badgering him for a statement.

NY Daily News


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