In liar S-Korea(South Korea), the replaces with a problem of personal rights secretly. About criticism of comfort women, "it's issue of human rights!, is sexism!", a Korean of liar yells. S-Korea is accumulating lie on the lie.
Japan doesn't criticize "women's rights". Japan criticize a lie that S-Korea says.

South Korea and comfort women's actual condition■:

 Comfort women is Sex Industry of Prostitutes. The South Korean government had propel the prostitute.
※The fundamental starting point of intense history distortion by S-Korea. = It's "The Joseon dynasty(Korea's Yi dynasty)."

A country offers a woman. this is not a special case for S-Korea.
In Old Korea, the common people were oppressed by class discrimination, and the starve one after another by waive infrastructure, the taxes thing to China were included in the woman.
The Joseon dynasty(李氏朝鮮 / Old Korea's Yi dynasty) era, a dynasty, and Yangban(両班) considered only themselves's profits, and was also doing pillage from people.
(Yangban. = Joseon Dynasty aristocracy. Lazy does not work. It was alive, pillaging people's gold and food. a savage.)

 The Seoul before Japan's Annexation of Korea. Joseon Dynasty.

・Seoul photograph

・A.D. 1888. Seoul photograph

"The act to give a votive offering(woman is included) to China" was the Treaty of Shimonoseki that Sino-Japanese War ended in, and China promised the abolition.

・Treaty of Shimonoseki(下関条約).
It is the treaty in the peace conference after the Sino-Japanese War concluded by spring tower sail (春帆楼) on April 17, 1895.
An official name is the Nissin peace treaty(日清講和条約).

Treaty of Shimonoseki.
Article 1: Qing(清国,China) recognizes definitively the full and complete independence and autonomy of Korea, and, in consequence, the payment of tribute and the performance of ceremonies and formalities by Korea to Qing, that are in derogation of such independence and autonomy, shall wholly cease for the future.
(China, please recognize the independence and autonomy of Korea.
"contribution and presentation and protocol to China" is an obstacle to independence of Korea. It abolishes eternally.)

"System Chinese-OldKorea" which Japan made abolition. 日本が廃止させた"中国-朝鮮の制度"
The Sino-Japanese War ended and Japan made Old Korea independent. However, the Joseon Dynasty sold off the property("The resources and concessions etc.." which become the base of the national administration) of the country to Russia, and began to offer a tribute thing to Russia.
Japan bought it and it returned it to Old Korea.
The Korean Peninsula has repeated such a thing from ancient times.
It seems that the posterity of Yi dynasty, the posterity of the persons concerned, etc.. are manipulating S-Korea for their profits also in S-Korea although there is a close resemblance between the system of the N-Korea(North Korea) government, and the corrupt way of "Korea's Yi dynasty".
Korea's Yi dynastyKorea's Yi dynasty
In addition, a "putrefy Joseon Dynasty and Yangban", it N-Korea and S-Korea's a concealing from history. In Korea, it is forged the history by the thing called "the noble who the Yangban is superior, and is noble".

To match all with the history of the made-up story by S-Korea... Korea continues criticizing Japan and distorts the world history.

  Comfort women were collected by Job ad and Korean recommendation contractor.

  Recruitment of comfort women was performed through the broker and them was a prostitute of Super-high-income.

S-Korea comfort women are Super high salary prostitutes who looked at the advertisement and gathered.

Uncivilized, desolate Joseon Dynasty Era.
Japan prepared the infrastructure of the Korean Peninsula on a grand scale, and was fixed, and the Korean Peninsula of primitive was modernized by annexation of Korea of Japan.
Since it was the poorest segment of the many population in except privileged people of Korea's Yi dynasty, almost all S-Koreans were the poor and needy. Therefore many S-Koreans paid their attention to the comfort women of the super large amount of salary.
Although the amount of a salary, such as charge organization of a comfort women hotel, may have a difference by a spot, comfort women's monthly income is about 1000 yen to 2000 yen.
Those days, the price of a Japanese soldier's monthly income was only is about 15 yen to 25.

- National annual appropriation of Japan, 2,400,000,000 yen.
- Battleship Daiwa, 120,000,000 yen.
- The Prime Minister salary, 800 yen.(Hideki Tojyo)
- The full general salary, 550 yen.
- The monthly salary for new college graduates, about 100 yen.
- A general Japan soldier salary, about 15 to 25 yen.
- Comfort women's monthly income, about 1,000 yen to 2,000 yen(Protocol of the U.S. Forces).
※Would-be comfort women's salary, about 2,000,000 yen to 4,000,000 yen.(being present value)

- Former comfort women, the postal savings of 26,145 yen, for two years and three months of 文玉珠.
-- There is also a prostitute who saved 26145 yen (it is about 100,000,000 yen at the present monetary value) in about two years.

Comfort women's salary is an extraordinary large sum. It is useful for payment of a large amount of debt, and is the amount of payroll which can purchase a house in several months.
Although the comfort women whom the S-Korean broker services were also, it is not known whether the S-Korean broker followed the rule.

  The right to refuse that a comfort women was given. Comfort womens had a right to decline the visitors such as drunkards.

  There was the payslip.

Super high salary.
A job offer advertisement.
The right to refuse.
Extravagant life.

This is a sexual slavery?
Sex slaves of 200,000 people, is a large lies entirely by liar S-Korea! .

Comfort women's very rich and extravagant life.
[Reference-data quotation]:
1944 in the mopping up operations after the fall of Myitkyin a in Burma.

In Myitkyina the girls were usually quartered in a large two story house (usually a school building) with a separate room for each girl. There each girl lived, slept, and transacted business. In Myitkina their food was prepared by and purchased from the "house master" as they received no regular ration from the Japanese Army. They lived in near-luxury in Burma in comparison to other places. This was especially true of their second year in Burma. They lived well because their food and material was not heavily rationed and they had plenty of money with which to purchase desired articles. They were able to buy cloth, shoes, cigarettes, and cosmetics to supplement the many gifts given to them by soldiers who had received "comfort bags" from home.

While in Burma they amused themselves by participating in sports events with both officers and men, and attended picnics, entertainments, and social dinners. They had a phonograph and in the towns they were allowed to go shopping.


1. Soldiers 10 AM to 5 PM 1.50 yen 20 to 30 minutes

2. NCOs 5 PM to 9 PM 3.00 yen 30 to 40 minutes

3. Officers 9 PM to 12 PM 5.00 yen 30 to 40 minutes

These were average prices in Central Burma. Officers were allowed to stay overnight for twenty yen. In Myitkyina Col. Maruyama slashed the prices to almost one-half of the average price.

[Quotation data]:
Report No. 49:
Japanese Prisoners of War Interrogation on Prostitution

Psychological Warfare Team
Attached to U.S. Army Forces India-Burma Theater APO 689
Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49.

[Reference-data quotation]:
Does "slave" who gets big salary exist in this world?

 Comfort women are "Commercial prostitution to military men" under wartime. It is not desirable in itself but women engaged in prostitution have existed spontaneously in every country in the world. Certainly, commercial prostitution for military men existed even in Japan in the World War II. However, no system of the noncommercial "sex slave" existed which has been broadcasted by Korea and China since 90’s.

Merchnts' advertizement offer big salary, submitted by the South Korea government as "proof" of "Sex Slave".
  Merchants of the Korean and/or Chinese, opened brothels aimed at profit looks for a young woman by advertisement. Here is an advertisement of those days which the South Korea government submitted to the U.S. House-of-Representatives Parliament as a proof of "sex slave".

Merchnts' advertizement offer big salary, submitted by the South Korea government as "proof" of "Sex Slave".
 The advertisement dated October 27, 1944 and noted "Comfort-women advertisement". But, these materials were only advertisements for the comfort-women collection by Merchant, and we must point out that these advertisements were reverse proof deny broadcasting of "sex slave", generated by South Korea. Advertisement (right hand) says “Looking for comfort women, Salary of 300 yen or more, A debt is possible up to 3000 yen” as colle ction of prostitute business, and it was the occupation advertisement, left to the applicant's free will. Does any advertisement looks for a "slave" exist in this world? It was the time when a Japanese policeman's starting salary was 45 yen. Comfort women were highly paid employees of Merchants..

 The advertisement (left hand) described the applicant's age "From 18 years old up to 30 years old". Might be, the South Korean government judged that these did not serve as proof of a "sex slave". These "proofs" were deleted from the official site in early spring of 2007.

A photograph, by the South Korea government as "proof" of "Sex Slave"
  Further, the above shown photograph was also submitted by the South Korean government as a proof of compulsive taking of a "sex slave". Unfortunately, these people were applicants, passed interview, gathered by collection of merchant. Shown scene is moving by merchant's track. Load each baggage, and someone is talking with the next employee. No one tied by chain and everyone allowed bringing baggage. Does any "slave" who gets big salary exist in this world?

[Quotation data]:

Comfort women is Sex Industry of Prostitutes. The S-Korean government had propel the prostitute.
[Reference-data quotation]:
Ex-Prostitutes Say South Korea and U.S. Enabled Sex Trade Near Bases

... Now, a group of former prostitutes in S-Korea have accused some of their country’s former leaders of a different kind of abuse: encouraging them to have sex with the American soldiers who protected S-Korea from N-Korea. They also accuse past S-Korean governments, and the United States military, of taking a direct hand in the sex trade from the 1960s through the 1980s, working together to build a testing and treatment system to ensure that prostitutes were disease-free for American troops.

While the women have made no claims that they were coerced into prostitution by S-Korean or American officials during those years, they accuse successive Korean governments of hypocrisy in calling for reparations from Japan while refusing to take a hard look at S-Korea’s own history.

“Our government was one big pimp for the U.S. military,” one of the women, Kim Ae-ran, 58, said in a recent interview.

Scholars on the issue say that the South Korean government was motivated in part by fears that the American military would leave, and that it wanted to do whatever it could to prevent that.

But the women suggest that the government also viewed them as commodities to be used to shore up the country’s struggling economy in the decades after the Korean War. They say the government not only sponsored classes for them in basic English and etiquette - meant to help them sell themselves more effectively but also sent bureaucrats to praise them for earning dollars when South Korea was desperate for foreign currency.

[Quotation data]:

Incidentally, Japan has cleared all the apology after defeat, and compensation.
S-Korea, kept concealing the actual condition of the Japan's Annexation of Korea, but the Korean people who demanded the help to Japan existed. therefore, the Japan-Korea merger realized.
Japan made large amount investment, made the uncivilized Korean Peninsula modernize, enacted compulsory education, and sent Koreans to school. Although many Koreans were not able to read a character, Japan revived the Hankul alphabet which taught the Hankul alphabet and was on the decline. (The Japan's Annexation of Korea, it is not divided into north and south.)
After Japanese defeat. In the South Korean massacre by the South Korean government a lot of South Koreans have escaped to Japan (many enter a country illegally). By the massacre, many South Koreans' dead body given up in the sea has flowed near Japan. Japan raised from the sea the bodies of many Korean people, the bodies were buried in Tsushima(対馬).

S-Korea is an international terrorism state which continues the Takeshima illegal occupation. But, Japan continued economical support to S-Korea, and also contracted the S-Korean debt. However, S-Korea does not return Takeshima(竹島).

At the time of Takeshima aggression terrorism, S-Korea performed much Japanese abduction, made them the hostage, and slaughtered Japanese people. But S-Korea has not apologized. Compensation has not been well. Moreover, S-Korea carries out history distortion by comfort women again, and is telling the severe lie. And Japan was threatened and it has schemed to take money.
This's a fraud of Korea. Japan, there is not completely it, all the obligations & duty with financial support of international terrorism national Korea.

■Reference data■

Endangered Japan (Book 2): Sex, Lies, and Comfort Women

Comfort Women 従軍慰安婦 is voluntary prostitute not sex slave

The Truth of comfort women issue

[[Netherlands manufacture, The Korean movie]]
FIELD OF HONOR (Netherlands) 韓国もの映画(Koreans)白服とprostitution -1/6
FIELD OF HONOR (Netherlands) 韓国もの映画(Koreans)白服とprostitution -2/6
※This is the movie carried out based on the true story. The South Korean army cooperated and was photoed. The comfort women(prostitute) at the time of the Korean War.
The rash act of an anti-Japanese cult [South Korea] is intolerable. History distortion by large liar South Korea. A paranoia South Korean utters the lie and thoughtless remark by the delusion world, on all over the world. And desperate for impression operating(Japan evil) it.
従軍慰安婦問題 反日カルト国家[韓国]の暴挙が目に余る 大嘘つき韓国の歴史歪曲 パラノイア韓国人は、世界中で嘘と妄言の妄想世界を口走り、《日本が悪》という印象操作に必死



The movie based on a true story, explanation of "38th parallel(FIELD OF HONOR)." The comfort women at the time of the Korean War. (prostitute). (Netherlands movie)


Before and after Japan's Annexation of Korea. Old Korea Photograph

Before Japan's Annexation of Korea. Old Korea Photograph

True Korean history which the professor of a Korean tells. 1.(With English translation subtitles)

True Korean history which the professor of a Korean tells. 2.(With English translation subtitles)

PRIMITIVE JOSEON PENINSULA(Old Korea Peninsula), pitiful JOSEON DYNASTY. 1885 - 1908 Old KOREA photo before Japanese Annexation.

Korean history. The oldest documentary film in real Korea. Scenes at Seoul, In A.D. 1901 & 1912.

Truth "history of a chima-jeogori(Chimachogori)"

Truth of Chimachogori(chima jeogori) Translate)

"Mini chima chogori" and "Topless chima chogori."
"Summary" of "topless chogori" the departure from Taiwan.


True chima chogori photograph. URL.

Deutsche Ubersetzung(German translation):
Korea 1950: Das Bodo League Massaker .

In World War II, Japan did not force women of 200,000 people. "200,000 people sex slaves" who are too non-reality are morbid remarks of the paranoia.
False rumor and blague by false evidence of the international terrorism nation South Korea....We disgusted to South Korea. Pray for eagerly a Japan-Korea diplomatic relations destroy.

International terrorism nation South Korea which has received a large amount of support money from Japan although the Takeshima adverse possession is continued repeating history distortion. Comfort women which moreover is a trumped‐up story to deprive money of Japan.
South Korea is really impudent.
Prostitution in Korean society and "Comfort women"

Do you know "Comfort women"?

They are women who appealing "We have been made to be prostite forcibly by the former Japan forces".

The most are Korean women.

The Korean government banned the prostitution from 2004.

The demonstration against the prostitution prohibitive law by the prostitute is often performed.

The Korean criminal policy study announced that one of 25 people of the Korean woman over 20 years old is a prostitute.

It is said that the Korean prostitute working in Japan reaches 30,000 according to the person concerned with Korean government. The Korean prostitution circumstances influences abroad.

There are a lot of Korean prostitute abroad to USA or Australia.

The most of Korean prostitute seem to pretend as "Japanese".

There are many Korean prostitute even now.

In the wartime there was more Korean woman who wanted to become a prostitute than now.

There would be a lot of women sold to pimp by their parent .

There would be women deceived by pimp, too.

However, there is no evidence that the Japanese military made a woman a prostitute forcibly.

There was no need that the Japanese military made Korean women prostitute forcibly.

Because there was more Korean woman who wanted to become a prostitute than now.

The rape cases by the U.S. soldier occurred frequently after defeat in Japan.

Japanese Government and GHQ discussed it and installed brothels for U.S. soldiers.

This is the same case as "Comfort women".

If Japanese military did not installed brothel "comfort stations" , Japanese soldiers might rape local women just like Korean soldier raped in Vietnam and Soviet Union soldier raped in Berlin.

But the Japanese military made "comfort stations" so that a Japanese soldier do not rape local women like Korean soldier and Soviet Union soldier did.

"Comfort women" is the same composition with a Korean prostitute as of now.

"Comfort women" earned much money thanks to the Japanese military.

In addition, slavery historically, originally a system of the Joseon Dynasty. Joseon Dynasty is a slavery system had been enforced. In Japan, slavery system does not exist.

In old Korea, for many years, had been cruelly discriminated against the common people devoted a woman to Qing.
In old Korea, death from hunger appeared one after another for Joseon Dynasty Era before the Japan-Korea merger, but the Yi dynasty gave up the common people. The common people sold a woman and child to get rice 1 sho(a unit of volume, approx. 1.8 liters).

In addition, Korea where Japan led Syngman Rhee after defeat repeated Korean people genocide.

[True Korea history.] Japan surrenders to the Allies. -- Korea of afterward. Korean Peninsula north-south division. The storm of a slaughter, mass murder.

200,000 sex slaves are lies. A Korean claim is fraud and scam.

The systems of Yi dynasty are a slave, pillage, and a sex slave. Prostitution is a South Korean tradition.
In old days, the Joseon people (a South Korean & North Korean) were oppressed and were tormented, It' Severe class discrimination results by a person of same Joseon. South Korea and North Korea concealed the truth, and have repeated perjury.

In Vietnam, S-Korea did the gang rape and genocide, but, there is no compensation to Vietnam.

Lai i H n ライダイハン
Vietnamese comfort women is based on extortion and rape by the Republic of Korea. Vietnamese are victims.
Since the S-Korean army was carrying out gang rape of Vietnamese, S-Korea it is convinced that the S-Korean comfort women of the U.S. Forces and a Japanese army are also extortion and rape...However, it is also S-Korea's delusion. S-Koreans are not forced into the U.S. Forces and Japan army. That the S-Korean military has done gang rape vogue. rape is not in Japan and U.S. Army troops.
S-Korean prostitute at the time is the business of the S-Korean government promoting. S-Korean military and the S-Korean government was treating women as Sex slaves.

Koreans of sexual violence nation Korea on feral was Vietnamese women rape.

韓国軍海兵隊は残虐なレイプ殺人集団 ベトナム人たちの証言によって明らかに
Korea Marine Corps Forces is a group of brutal rape murder. Revealed by the testimony of the Vietnamese people.

Brutality of the crime Korean.

Mass Massacre of civilians by the Korea military in Vietnam.